Update the property— Happy owner, happy tenant!

An apartment complex is an ongoing maintenance issue.  There is always something that needs to be fixed, remedy and there is no way around it.  We have been working hard over the last two + years updating the property as much as we can, order within our budgetary constraints.  The most important part of a building is the roof.  Now… Anyone that does NOT live on the top floor, may not agree, but it is by far the most expensive and important part of a building.  We have now completed the replacement of all three roofs at Hilltop Terrace Apartments in West Haven.  Everything we upgrade directly impacts the tenants.

We are currently replacing our hot water heating systems in 5 and 11 Bassett Street.  These will be complete by December 1, 2013 and will be a great addition to daily life on property.  Less down time for parts failing on old boilers, and more efficient water heating.  Once this project is complete, we will be focusing all our time and energy on Heating and Cooling.  We have already started changing out units in the apartments, and will keep doing so until we have No original units left.  This will take a few years, but it will be well worth the struggle to get it done.  Last on the large scale list will be Elevators, paint/carpet the hallways and the the parking lot– If you approach your property this way, you make for a better experience for the tenant, and a better investment for owners.  The final item that will be addressed by the management and ownership will be updates to as many units as possible.  Starting with our longest standing tenants, we will do a face lift on the cabinets and counter tops.  We will also look at the flooring in each unit to assess how that looks– Complete overhaul is coming—It just takes time!!